5 Reasons You Might Need Supplements

Supplements are certainly controversial:  some believe they’re miracle cures while others believe the manufacturing involved makes them inefficient and unhealthy. 

The reality of supplements actually lies somewhere in the middle: they’re not the only route to optimal health, but they can certainly make a difference where diets fall short or an individual’s unique physiology impedes the absorption of a particular vitamin or mineral. If you’re asking yourself, “Why do I need to take supplements?” read on for five solid reasons.


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1. Diet Doesn't Always Deliver

Those who criticize supplements often believe it’s better to get your vitamins through a colorful variety of whole foods in your diet. Deriving our vitamins through our food choices does optimize vitamin absorption. To get us to eat a healthy, whole foods diet, public health officials promote this route most often. 

Still, research reveals that most of us are deficient in one or several vitamins or minerals. 

National and global health organizations recognize Vitamin D deficiency as a global health crisis. Some studies find that 30 to 50 percent of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D where others put that number at 80 percent. Worldwide, one billion people are vitamin D deficient or insufficient. 

Most of us do not get enough calcium either. One survey found that, in the United States, fewer than 15 percent of teenage girls, 10 percent of women over 50, 22 percent of teenage boys and men over 50 got the recommended calcium intake. 

Finally, several surveys indicate that almost half of Americans consume less than the recommended amount of magnesium. The study that uncovered this number asks, “are the health consequences underestimated?” pointing to how insufficient magnesium is associated with higher incidences of type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, and other inflammation-related disorders.

In addition to the threats posed by specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies, overall nutrient deficiencies tend to increase with age leading to a weakened overall immune system. The typical Western diet can be deficient in several nutrients, and deficiencies are particularly rampant in areas with food insecurity. 

Clearly, many of us will fare better when we explore the health benefits of supplements. 

We get it; you put in tons of effort towards meal prepping and choosing healthy options — how could you possibly need a supplement in addition? Even the healthiest of diets can be missing necessary micronutrients. This lack of vital nutrients is called the nutritional gap, and no one is immune to it. Having to supplement your diet isn’t a bad thing, but simply a way to ensure you have everything you need. For those on restrictive diets of any kind, this is an especially important point. We recommend our signature Health UP All-Natural Vitamin Blend!


2. To Give Your Body A Little Extra 

There are many circumstances where your body requires extra nutrients to heal or perform. Certain lifestyles and situations require more nutrients as well. 

  • If you’re pregnant, nursing, often exposed to excessive sunlight, or a smoker, additional nutrients might be needed to help your body function properly. 
  • Certain chronic diseases and ailments can also lead to nutrient deficiencies, especially those that affect the digestive system like eating disorders, celiac disease, and colitis. 
  • Aging bodies don’t absorb nutrients as easily as younger ones, so a perfect diet may still leave you deficient. Our Boost UP Immune System Support blend is a great example of a supplement that elevates your energy and helps your immune system function optimally. 


3. To Help Prevent Chronic Diseases 

No amount of supplement can cure any chronic disease or totally mitigate its symptoms. 

However, taking supplements can help prevent disease. 

For example, 

  • selenium is an essential mineral believed to reduce neurological oxidative stress, the damage that underlies Alzheimer’s disease. Getting adequate selenium can reassure you that you’re doing all you can to avoid this tragic illness. 
  • Beta-glucan has been shown to reduce the potential for cardiac diseases as well as type 2 diabetes. 
  • Vitamin E is currently being researched as a possible treatment for cancer. 

Every day, a new study comes out touting the effectiveness of certain nutrients in easing disease. Giving your body a full complement of the nutrients it needs helps prevent serious health issues in the decades to come. 


4. To Enhance Overall Health and Wellness 

Deficiencies can be hard to spot, and the most common sign is fatigue. Unfortunately, fatigue can spring from many sources and it’s tough to pinpoint its specific cause. It’s easiest to take daily supplements made with high-quality ingredients, so you can have peace of mind that you’re meeting all of your micronutrient goals. Looking for a supplement that gives you strength and wellness inside and out? Try our Health UP All Natural Vitamin Blend!


5. To Supplement Foods Springing from Nutrient-Depleted Soil 

Getting all of your micronutrients solely from food is a tough goal. 

The mass production of food and over-farming has depleted the soil, leaving fruits, veggies, and other nutrient-rich crops with lower levels of nutrients than they once had. Soil overuse means it’s lacking the minerals and vitamins that make up a well-rounded diet. 

Recent environmental studies have shown that crops have reduced amounts of protein, riboflavin, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and Vitamins B6, C, and E. Supplements provide those missing nutrients.  


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