7 Days of Workouts – A Kickstart to Your At-Home Workout Routine

Tired of repeating the same at-home workout routine day after day? If you’re in California, you probably haven’t seen the inside of a gym in months, and your home equipment is looking less than motivating. So ditch the weightless squats and half-hearted sit-ups and relearn how to workout at home with this 7-day weekly workout challenge

When going through your workout schedule, remember to hydrate, take your Multi-Collagen Peptides, and get in at least 5 minutes of stretching daily. You should be drinking about a gallon of water per day to hydrate your cells and build muscle, and getting in the right stretching and recovery is essential to avoiding injury. 

Day 1: Light Cardio and Lower Body

If you’re reading this, Day 1 means TODAY. Ditch the excuses and show yourself that you have the motivation to switch things up! You’ll start off Day 1 with some cardio, but we’re giving you a few options, based on your equipment and accessibility limitations.

Light Cardio (pick one): 10 min of jump rope, 20 min stairs, 30 minutes jogging

Your cardio choice should be a combination of a warmup and a calorie burn. Get your blood pumping and your muscles warm so you can jump right into your workout. Finish your cardio circuit with some functional stretching.

Legs & Lower Body

Optional equipment: ankle weights and mini bands


High plank leg lifts - 60 sec.

Get in a high plank position and lift one leg, alternating sides. Keep the knees straight and lift with your glute.


Sumo squats - 60 sec.

Stand with your legs wide and squat low (Option: add weight)

Repeat x2 then rest 45 sec.


Alternating forward lunges - 60 sec.

Stand in a forward lunge position and push off your front foot to alternate legs. Hold each side for about 2 seconds.


Jump Squats - 60 sec.

Jump in and out of a squat position, jumping with as much energy as possible! Push as hard as you can for the last 10 seconds

Repeat x2 then rest 45 sec.

Lateral Shuffle - 60 sec.

If you have a mini band, place it just below your thighs, squat down so there’s tension, and shuffle side to side, keeping tension in the band (if you don’t have a band, squat even lower). 5 steps to the right, then 5 to the left, alternating.

Low Squat Reverse and Forward Walk - 60 sec.

If you have a mini band, place it just below your thighs, squat down so there’s tension, and shuffle forward 5 steps, then backward 5 steps, keeping tension in the band (if you don’t have a band, squat even lower). Alternate between forward and reverse.

Repeat x2 then rest 45 sec.

Glute Bridges - 60 sec.

Lay down with your knees up and feet flat on the ground, a little more than hips distance apart. With your shoulders on your mat, lift your hips and flex your glutei, then lower back down. Repeat until your time is up.

Curtsey Lunge - 60 sec.

Alternate curtsey lunges with a sumo squat in-between sides.

Repeat x2.

Now that you’ve completed your first workout, make sure to stretch and hydrate!

Day 2: Cardio

This one’s easy, a minimum of 45 minutes of cardio, any way you like it! Take a spin class, go for a jog, run some stairs, or practice your shadow boxing — the choice is yours. 

Young adult sporty woman looking at stairs, preparing to training 

Day 3: Light Cardio and Core Work

Light Cardio (pick one): 10 min of jump rope, 20 min stairs, 30 minutes jogging 

Core Work Circuit

Optional Equipment: ankle weights, moderate dumbbells

Russian Twists - 60 sec.

Rotate using your obliques and reach as far as possible on each side

Sit-ups - 60 sec.

For extra points, add in some punches at the top!

Repeat x2 then rest 45 sec.

Plank - 60 sec.

Hold your plank for 45 seconds, for extra points, turn it into a rainbow plank for the last 15!

Alternating Side Plank with Hip Dips - 60 sec.

Start with a side plank, drop your hips 5 times, then slowly roll to the other side and repeat, taking a moment in-between to hold a short low plank.

Repeat x2 then rest 45 sec.

Mountain Climbers - 60 sec.

In high plank position, bring knees to elbows and build up your pace.

Rainbow leg lifts - 60 sec.

Laying flat on your back, lift both legs together. Pretend as if there’s a candle under your feet and lift your legs up and over the candle touching down on alternating sides. 

Repeat x2 then rest 45 sec.

Sit-ups - 60 sec.

Toe Touches - 60 sec.

Lift your legs in the air, feet above your head with your legs straight and reach for your toes. This should be a small but core-burning workout! 

Repeat x2.

Day 3 is done and you might be feeling a little sore! Drink lots of water and give your energy reserve a boost with some of LUN’s high quality Vitamin Booster exercise supplements. 

Day 4: Cardio

Just like you did on Day 2, pick your own cardio workout. If you didn’t like your cardio on Day 2 try something different, and remember to get in at least 45 minutes.

Day 5: Light Cardio and Lower Body

It’s already Day 5 and you’re still going strong! Today we’re going to repeat your routine from Day 1 to give your legs a little extra love. This time, try to go that extra mile and add weights or extra circuits! 

Home workout, weight training and fitness exercise concept. Woman in sportswear sitting in living room with gym equipment and dumbbell holding water bottle.

Day 6: Upper Body and Ab Work

Upper Body Circuit

Equipment needed: moderate to heavy dumbbells

Alternating Bicep Curls - 20 reps. each side

Alternating Front Raises - 15 reps. each side

Side Raises - 15 reps.

Tricep Kickbacks - 15 reps.

Shoulder Press - 15 reps.

Push-ups - 15 reps. 

Repeat x4 with 60 sec. rest in-between

Core Circuit

Optional equipment: ankle weights, moderate dumbbells

Repeat the core workout from Day 3, then hydrate and stretch!

Day 7: Active Recovery Day

Take today to do a low impact activity that will get you moving but allow you to rest in the process. Take a leisurely hike, a long walk, or do a relaxing yoga session to reset and get ready for the next 7 days! 

Don’t forget the most important rule of your weekly workout challenge: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The benefits of hydration are endless, so be sure you’re setting yourself up for success.

As you continue to optimize your own personal routine, feel free to incorporate and replace any of these suggested circuits with your own at-home chest workouts, at-home back workouts, or other muscle-group focuses.

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