Health Up My Way: How 5 Real People Use Level Up in Their Everyday Routines

Health Up is Level Up’s daily booster made with vital daily micronutrients and supplements. Most of these ingredients help people just like you get the micronutrients that are tough to hit through diet alone — even with the healthiest of diets! 

Our Level Up health supplements support bone and teeth health, lower cholesterol, improve blood sugar management, increase energy, supplement collagen, and help the body use fats, proteins, and carbohydrates more efficiently and effectively. Additionally, some of the ingredients we use are among the best supplements to boost the immune system and fortify the body’s natural immune response.

Implementing Level Up in your daily routine feels obvious, but many people aren’t sure where to start! There are many ways to incorporate health and immunity supplements into your daily life, and there’s no one “right” way. Here’s how five of our customers have added Level Up health supplements to their routines.

Supplements sit amongst flowers and herbs demonstrating the natural healthfulness Level Up provides


What’s In Level Up’s Health Supplements?

Level Up Nutrition’s Health Up health supplements are complete with Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Beta-Glucan. Vitamin D plays an essential role in immune function, bone support, and heart health, among many, many others. Vitamin E is one of the best naturally-occurring antioxidant supplements. Riboflavin, also called Vitamin B12, plays an essential role in creating molecules necessary for red blood cells, DNA, and energy production. Lastly, Beta-Glucan is a dietary fiber that improves cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels, thereby improving heart health. 

Level Up’s Boost Up blend is a 5-in-1 immunity complex made with Vitamin C, garlic bulb, zinc, echinacea, and elderberry — all of which have been shown to reduce inflammation, fight colds and flus, boost the immune system, and improve overall health.

Our Bloom Up supplement is a multi-collagen peptide blend complete with type I, II, III, V, and X collagen for improving joint and heart health as well as improving the appearance of skin, hair, and nails.

Marina’s Boost Up: Lunchtime Boost

Marina’s Health Up health supplements routine is one of the most common we at Level Up hear about, which is why it was so important to us to feature it! Marina keeps her Boost Up in her desk at the office. Because she eats lunch around the same time each day, it’s super simple for her to remember to grab her immunity supplements alongside it. Not only does keeping her Level Up at work prevent ever forgetting her essential nutrients, but it also helps prevent catching colds from any of her coworkers! 

Gio’s Health & Bloom Up: Performance Supplements

Running, swimming, lifting, biking — you name it, Gio does it. Gio works hard in and outside of the gym to maintain his fitness, improve his everyday health, and boost his mood. Gio used to take pre-workouts and other performance supplements, but didn’t like the crash they left him with afterwards. Plus, he wasn’t sure what most of the ingredients even did — or if they were healthy.

He has since replaced them with Health Up and Bloom Up, the latter of which is especially helpful for maintaining his joint health and flexibility. Gio takes all of his health supplements first thing in the morning before his workout to get the most out of each day’s dose!

Jen’s Health Up: Midmorning Routine

Some people are energized at night, and others in the morning; Jen is a little bit of both. She tends to wake up on the earlier side, hit a slight midday slump, and feels better in the late afternoon. To combat her midday sleepiness, she has tea and a snack right around 10AM — but what she had been looking for were energy supplements that work.

Adding Health Up to her daily routine alongside a healthy snack helped boost absorption of her key nutrients, and gave her the power to feel energized despite her “slump.” Now every day is a little more productive and focuses less on that post-lunch grogginess that so many of us experience!

Devon’s Health Up: Dinner Duo

Devon knows his mornings are packed with helping his wife with their two young children and getting off to work. Remembering to take a health supplement each morning just wasn’t feasible! Devon’s workday is equally busy, and he never takes lunch at the same time. Instead of having his Health Up at the beginning of the day, Devon saves his for right before dinner.

It’s the easiest way to always remember, and because he eats with his family, dinner is usually around the same time each night. Similar to the other routines we’ve seen, Devon’s choice of taking his supplements with a meal will improve how well they’re absorbed.

Cassidy’s Health & Boost Up: Nighttime Nutrients

It’s generally advised not to take certain health supplements or vitamins near bedtime. Certain B vitamins in particular can be known for their effects on sleep, potentially causing hyper-vivid dreams or interfering with the REM cycle. However, Cassidy doesn’t go to sleep when the rest of us do!

She works as a night-shift nurse in a nearby hospital, and wakes up when most of us are winding down for bed. Cassidy takes both our Bloom Up and Health Up blends to help her feel better both inside and out.

Taking her Boost Up and Health Up supplements at night works for Cassidy due to her schedule, and gives her the energy boost she needs to stay on her feet and help her patients the best she can while avoiding any illnesses present around the ward.

What’s Your Routine For Health Supplements?

As you can see, supplements are for everyone, no matter your lifestyle! Each of us achieves health in our own individual ways, and no one way is necessarily better than the other. Try Level Up Nutrition’s health supplements now to improve how your body functions, and see just how much better you can feel. And once you’ve incorporated your Level Up health supplements into your daily routine, leave a review on our site and let us know how you Health Up!

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