Inside Our Health Up Vitamin Boost

A healthy lifestyle has a lot of facets. There’s working out, eating well, getting enough sleep, and drinking plenty of water. But even on the days where it feels like you do it all, your body might be missing out on some key nutrients. That’s where Level Up supplements come in. While Level Up features an entire line of daily supplements, today we’ll be focusing on our Health UP Vitamin Boost


Health Up Vitamin Boost’s Ingredients 

Health UP’s micronutrients help you achieve full-body wellness. Created using only natural vitamins and free of additives of any kind, these ingredients support your immune system and overall health. 


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a vital nutrient that regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These minerals are the ones that keep your bones, teeth, and even muscles healthy and strong. When you’re lacking vitamin D, you risk bone density loss, which may raise your risk of osteoporosis and broken bones. 

Researchers also believe vitamin D plays a role in fighting various diseases and infections, as well as regulating mood and reducing symptoms of depression. In 2020, many studies are linking Vitamin D deficiencies with the severity of COVID-19 symptoms. Some even posit that adequate Vitamin D levels prevent COVID-19 infections


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is found naturally in many foods. Despite your healthy diet, it’s totally possible to be deficient in Vitamin E — especially seeing as the term actually refers to eight different compounds. Vitamin E reduces free-radical damage, which protects cells from weakening, breaking, and aging. On-going research sees Vitamin E as a potential treatment for serious diseases and ailments such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and even cancer.


Vitamin B6

On a technical level, Vitamin B6 is known for aiding the metabolism of macronutrients: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Insufficient Vitamin B6 makes it harder for your body to process food and energy, and therefore supplemented Vitamin B6 acts as an energy booster! But the benefits don’t end there. Vitamin B6 also helps your body create more red blood cells as well as neurotransmitters. Vitamin B6 affects a number of bodily functions through these mechanisms and may improve your mood, promote brain health, treat inflammation, and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer.



Riboflavin is another molecule that helps your body build red blood cells and support cellular functions. In fact, it often goes by the name Vitamin B2 — because of its similarities to the above Vitamin B6. Riboflavin works to break down macronutrients and help the body use those nutrients efficiently. It’s also an energy booster and improves oxygen flow for optimum functioning both physically and mentally.



Selenium is an essential mineral. Your body cannot make it, and therefore obtaining it through your diet or through supplements is necessary. Selenium helps facilitate cell growth and boosts your thyroid health. Your thyroid regulates your metabolism, and therefore a selenium deficiency can leave you feeling tired, lethargic, and foggy. By getting enough, you’re improving how your whole body functions. Selenium is also a powerful antioxidant, so much so that it's believed to help prevent cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s by fighting neurological oxidative stress.



Beta-glucan is a form of soluble dietary fiber, most often found in oats, bran, wheat, barley, and other forms of whole grains. Fibers slow down how food is processed in the intestines, which ultimately reduces blood sugar spikes and takes cholesterol out of the intestines. Beta-glucan has been proven to lower cholesterol, lower triglycerides, boost heart health, and improve blood sugar management. By doing so, it greatly reduces your risk of cardiac diseases as well as type 2 diabetes. Additionally, it’s believed beta-glucan plays a role in stimulating and boosting the immune system.


Health Up Vitamin Boost’s Benefits 

At Level Up, we believe in fueling your body from every angle. We carefully chose ingredients to work together, not just power your cells on their own. 


Supplement for Athletic Performance 

Whether you’re looking for supplements for athletic performance or simply trying to make it through your daily workout with a little more ease, Health UP’s hand-picked formula of top-tier ingredients puts performance first. Vitamin D works within your muscles for effective energy expenditure, while Vitamin B6, riboflavin, and selenium convert macronutrients into maximum energy.


Supplement to Boost Your Immune System

There’s nothing worse than feeling under the weather. Our Health UP formula has the supplements to boost your immune system, giving it the power to fight illnesses better. A well-supplemented immune system prevents infections better, handles current illnesses with fewer physical symptoms, and speeds recovery.


Powerful Antioxidant Supplement

Free radicals are a natural part of the metabolic processes your body uses to break down food and nutrients. However, exposure to excessive stress, smoking, air pollutants, industrial chemicals, and even fried foods can result in more free radicals than your body is designed to handle. Our Health UP’s ingredients were chosen for their free-radical-fighting capabilities, many of which work together to prevent cell damage and aging.

Natural Energy Supplement

Hitting the gym? Going on a hiking trip? Work on your feet all day long? Natural energy supplements are a must. Health UP’s ingredients provide molecules that process nutrients more effectively. Instead of experiencing blood sugar spikes and energy crashes, your body will break down the healthy foods you feed it slowly and methodically for an energized feeling all day long.


Level Up Supplements and Health Boosters

It’s time to treat your body right with a line of nutritional boosters and natural energy supplements that help fill in the gaps and go beyond your diet. Beyond our Health UP Vitamin Boost formula, we also make supplements to boost your immune system, supplements for athletic performance, supplements that stimulate multi-collagen peptide creation, and a green juice superfood powder. Shop our non-GMO, all-natural Level Up supplements online now, friendly for those who are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and keto! Reasonably-priced nutrition for optimal health is just a click away.
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