The Ultimate Healthy Holiday Gift List

If you’ve got someone on your list who prioritizes health, you may be stumped for a present. 

After all, the season is known for indulgence and treats! How can you show your loved one you respect their healthy choices? 

Here, we’ve gathered many great healthy gifts. We’ve broken up our ideas into homemade gifts and store-bought presents; both are equally thoughtful and appreciated.


Picture displaying healthy gifts and fitness presents for their health-conscious loved one.

Healthy Homemade Gift Ideas

Keep your presents personal and unique by making them at home! Here are some of the best healthy homemade gift ideas.

Healthy Gift Baskets 

Healthy gift baskets are one of the best types of presents. They’re easy on the person giving the gift, because each part of the basket is small and usually inexpensive. It’s easy to find baskets for five to 10 dollars. For those receiving the gift basket, it feels like receiving multiple presents at once! 

For the health enthusiast on your list, the things you can include are quite varied, but a general theme of self-care works well. Skincare, supplements, vitamins, probiotics, water bottles, bath items, and any pampering that puts health and well-being first is perfect!

Healthy Food Gift Baskets for Christmas 

Another form of healthy gift baskets is one that doesn’t have items, but treats! The holidays are overwhelmingly chocked full of unhealthy snacks and desserts, so a basket of healthy, non-perishable healthy food as a gift basket for Christmas will likely be appreciated by your health-conscious loved one. You can include prepackaged healthy snacks, high-protein snack bars, protein or whey powder, and nuts like cashews, pistachios, and walnuts. 

Other great additions to your healthy food gift basket for Christmas include smoothie add-ins, such as nutritional yeast, or some healthy alternatives to classic gifts, like low-sugar or low-calorie juice or organic wine.

Homemade Recipe Book

There’s nothing better than mom’s cooking...except for a book of delicious recipes that always hit your macros. A homemade recipe book is a great way to show someone you care. You can tailor the recipes to fit their lifestyle, personality, and favorite foods, or choose restaurant-inspired dishes that you’ve converted to healthier versions. If you’ve made the recipes before, you can even include pictures alongside the directions! Recipe books show that you care about your loved one’s on-going wellness journey.

Healthy Store-Bought Gift Ideas 

Not all of the best healthy gifts are made at home. In today’s day and age, healthy foods, items, and home decor are everywhere. These items can help promote a healthier lifestyle, and make sticking to weight and fitness goals easier. 

Smart Watch

Smart watches grew in popularity a few years ago, and have stayed popular since. They connect to your favorite mobile devices for constant health monitoring. Smart watches measure heart rate, steps, calories burned, and other health-related statistics. All of this data can be tracked in an app and examined for trends over the long-term, guiding health decisions!

Exercise Apparel

Know the size of the person you’re gifting to? Perfect! Health-lovers can never have too many exercise or athletic pieces. Gift them some new sneakers, a running headband, warm socks, or a thermal layer. Some warm options for winter exercise provides could be just the indulgence they were craving.

Blender or Food Processor

Making food at home always results in healthier (and tastier!) meals than the butter drenched versions restaurants provide. One healthy gift is a high-quality blender or food processor. Blenders are great for creating smoothies, protein shakes, and more. Food processors can allow for finely chopped ingredients, perfectly smooth guac or hummus, and similar homemade recipes. By gifting a blender or food processor, you give the recipient access to endless recipes that improve their health starting in their own kitchen. It’s one of those gifts they won’t realize they needed until they’re no longer spending time cutting up fruits and veggies!

Healthy Food Subscription Service

If the person in your life isn’t one for cooking, why not gift them a meal subscription service? Meal subscription services deliver food to your door each week. Some are pre-made meals, while others come with pre-measured ingredients for fast and simple cooking. There are many different types of food subscription services out there, and nearly all of them offer healthy meal options. They also usually have meals to fit any sort of diet, including vegetarian, vegan, keto, and gluten-free.  

Running Band

Getting outdoors and enjoying some fresh air is vital, and many health-conscious people do so by going for a run. Running bands make it easy to go for a walk, jog, or vigorous outdoor workout all while being hands-free. These athletic accessories come in many colors, styles, and sizes, and most are waterproof for all-weather running. When giving this healthy gift, make sure to have a general idea of their size because, while adjustable, running bands aren’t one size fits all.

Stretching Items/Foam Roller 

Many athletes skip the stretching to their detriment. Why not entice them to stretch more with items that improve flexibility and muscle relaxation. Fitness stretching bands or straps with loops can help improve flexibility and muscle tone in areas hard to stretch otherwise. These items often come with stretching guides as well. Foam rollers reduce muscular knots and soreness.

Yoga Mat or Workout Equipment

New workout equipment always makes for great healthy gifts, especially with everyone stuck at home! Your friend’s yoga mat could likely use replacing, and a new set of hand dumbbells would be nice too. These objects are always well appreciated by those who put their health first. A few examples of workout equipment you could also give include a calf stretcher, doorway pull-up bar, ab roller wheel, jump rope, pilates ring, core sliders, grip training devices, workout resistance bands, or exercise dice.

Sleep Care

Sleep is the rejuvenating spa for the brain. Healthy people know that adequate sleep supports their workouts, diet, and even their work. Luxury sleep care kits or sleep-related items are thoughtful and always appreciated. Some ideas include silk pillowcases for better hair and skin, silk or heating/cooling eye masks to improve facial appearance, soft scrunchies for avoiding broken hair, or a weighted blanket for soothing anxiety and stress. If you know the person especially well, throw in a good nighttime read too for a personal touch!

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